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Covenant Marriage Resources Updated!

Baton Rouge - Louisiana Family Forum Action has updated its Covenant Marriage information and has made several resources available.

1. Covenant Marriage Movement Brochure.  This brochure is perfect for printing and distribution in churches, etc.  It gives a great overview of what Covenant Marriage is and why it is important. Click here.

2. Legal Documents Necessary for an Inititial Covenant Marriage:

3. Legal Documents for Converting an Existing Marriage to Covenant Marriage:

4. The Louisiana Attorney General has prepared a brochure in accordance with State Statutes.  It is available here.  This document must be given to every couple seeking a Covenant Marriage in Louisiana.

Divorce Cited as #1 Concern of Pastors

A new study reported in the November/December 2004 issue of Facts & Trends magazine shows that of Protestant clergy in America, 43 percent of the pastors surveyed named divorce as the number-one threat to families in their communities, followed by a wide range of problems from materialism (36 percent) to marital infidelity to negative influences in the media (38 percent).

Ellison Research conducted the study using a representative sample of 695 pastors from across the nation. The researchers asked pastors to identify the three strongest threats to families in their own communities. After the top three threats cited, absentee fathers (24 percent) and families that lack a stay-at-home parent (22 percent) were among the top threats to the family most frequently named by pastors. Louisiana Family Forum sees Covenant Marriage as a key solution to divorce in Louisiana.