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VOTING IS A SIMPLE ACT WITH A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT. When we vote, we help determine who will lead our nation, make our laws, and protect our freedoms. 

Louisiana Family Forum, in partnership with Gerard Health Foundation, has launched a Voter Registration Drive to register and motivate 50,000 new Values Voters across Louisiana.

In 2008, we want you to:

  • 1. Get Registered,
  • 2. Get Informed, and
  • 3. Get to the Polls! 

Click the above tabs to find out how to register and where to vote.  As we get closer to the fall elections, Louisiana Family Forum will create and post Voter Guides so that you can be an informed Values Voter.

Just imagine the impact that Bible-believing Christians could have on the direction of our government, the character of our leaders, and the health of our nation if we all functioned as the stinging salt and the shining light as Jesus intended. So vote your values as a Christian.  Remember, how you vote today impacts tomorrow!